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The MyCare Programs are sold and distributed via approved, licensed insurance brokers/brokerages with the exception of Quebec and the Territories. Assured Diagnosis Inc. (“ADI”), the owner and developer of the MyCare programs, has taken comprehensive measures to ensure the confidentiality of your personal information, and that of any beneficiaries you may include in your MyCare Program submissions. The sensitive data you submit through this website will be protected from unauthorized access, disclosure and/or misuse from a third party. ADI regards the privacy and protection of their clientele, and the visitors to this website, with utmost priority.

Client Information – Security

ADI is liable for any personal, sensitive or confidential information received from a visitor or client through the MyCare website’s secure application. This liability is inclusive of any information ADI transfers to a third-party service provider for MyCare processing. Any third party service provider with which ADI works with to provide the MyCare Programs are governed by the same stringent privacy and protection standards that ADI mandates internally. ADI is committed to the security of the client information which it attains. ADI will not sell or share client information with any external third party that is not an essential component in the provision of the MyCare Programs. ADI adheres to a strict code of business and market conduct and is bound by applicable industry guidelines, privacy policy and statute. This website employs several security-enhancing safeguards aimed to protect the confidentiality of the information you submit online. These include the use of firewalls, unique user names and passwords. Internal access to your personal information is restricted to relevant employees cognizant of internal privacy policies.

Personal and Non-Personal Client Information

Upon a visit to the MyCare website, some personal and non-personal information may be collected automatically. This information can include:

  • IP address and Internet domain
  • Browser type and operating system
  • Time and date at which the visitor IP accessed the website
  • Pages of the website that the IP visited
  • If the visiting IP was linked to the MyCare website from another webpage, the web address of that website
  • Name, address, phone number, marital status, gender, date of birth, dependent(s) information, email address, credit card or banking information, smoking status, provincial health plan status

In accordance with the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (“PIPEDA”), this information is collected to ascertain how visitors are navigating the current website, to determine how the website could be developed to be more beneficial to its users and to conduct a business transaction.

Collection Intent

ADI will make every effort to ensure the intent for which information is being collected by the client is transparent. Information will, in most cases, only be collected through secure application and/or claims forms. ADI advises against submitting any personal or case-sensitive information in e-mail correspondence, as e-mail transmissions cannot be guaranteed to be secure.

ADI aims only to seek vital information necessary in providing the MyCare Programs, and in accordance with applicable legal requirements. If the intent for which information is being requested is not clear to you, please contact a MyCare representative.

Client Consent

ADI will always seek client consent prior to, or at the time, any disclosure of personal information is requested. Consent may be implied in circumstances where it can be reasonably assumed that consent was granted as deduced by the action taken by the client. Record will be made of any such occurrences. Consent may also be attained by an authorized representative, such as a power of attorney or a legal guardian, though the authority of such a may be restricted as law or policy dictates. A withdrawal of consent may be submitted by the client at any time with reasonable notice; so long as the withdrawal complies with legal and contractual agreements. The client will be clearly informed of any implications their withdrawal may manifest, including the termination of policy or inability to proceed forth on a claims submission. In any instance where information or consent provided by the client could be used to meet another purpose, not implied by the original application of information or granted consent, the client will be informed and consent regarding the alternate purpose will be necessitated. In some instances, consent and information pertaining to the client will also need be granted by other sources, such as a medical professional, specialist or attorney. The client will be notified when or if such an instance applies.

Disclosure of Exceptions

In the event that legal, medical or security risks preside, ADI reserves the right to collect personal client information without client consent. This disclosure is inclusive of circumstances in which a potential breach of contract or suspected case of fraud is under investigation; or when a client incapacitated, acutely ill, or under the age of legal consent is concerned, and a request for consent cannot be made appropriately.

All disclosures of information will be recorded and available to the client upon request, with the rare exception of cases in which the disclosure of such is barred by applicable federal, provincial or territorial law.

Retention of Client Information

ADI must retain client information for the duration required by applicable insurance and taxation law. In the event that a longer retention is specified by an applicable court of law, ADI will be bound to oblige any imposing legal requisites. All record back-ups and archives are stored securely off-site. Upon lapse of the final date at which a claim could be eligible for submission, and when client information is legally determined to no longer need be in the possession of ADI, said client information will be destroyed in compliance with ADI record retention policy.

Client Access to Existing Records

Clients reserve the right to full access of all their personal records, existing, disclosed or in use, as held by ADI, unless excepted by an imposing legal or ethical constraint. Upon request of such record, a corresponding administration fee may apply. Though limited, restrictions on a client’s access to existing records may be imposed lawfully or due to a prohibitive expense to procure the requested record. In addition, personal record requests that involve reference to others, the disclosure of other’s personal information, those in use by a court of law, or cases in which disclosure poses a threat to security or well-being, may be denied at the discretion of ADI or subject to litigated privilege. In the event the client is seeking medical record or medical disclosure of any kind, such record may only be attained through the appropriate medical professional(s).

Maintaining Client Records

Client records will be kept in as accurate, complete and/or current a manner as ADI deems necessary to rightly provide the service requested. All changes, updates and/or modifications to personal information will be aptly recorded, in fulfillment of the client agreement entered into upon contract. If pertinent changes need be reported to ADI by the client as per client agreement, ADI requests that the client contact a MyCare representative with immediacy.


The MyCare website utilizes cookies as a measure of client convenience and a tool of expedience. A cookie is a small text file that situates in the visitor’s web browser directory, retrieving profile and log-in information from the visitor’s computer with every visit to the MyCare website. The information stored in cookie files cannot be viewed or accessed by any other website.

Privacy Inquiries

All questions, concerns and/or inquiries regarding the privacy policy or terms of use as specified for the MyCare website by ADI may be directed to the MyCare privacy officer. ADI maintains a commitment to client and visitor security and confidentiality and welcomes your response. Our privacy officer is available toll-free, Canada wide, to answer all questions pertaining to client privacy and security.

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